Institute of Fine Arts


The Institute of Visual Arts was formed from the Humanities Faculty’s Drawing Department and the Master School of Fine Arts, with the aid of numerous famous artists. The aim of our training programme is to produce artists and teachers in the fields of visual communication, who exhibit an intellectual and practical readiness based in the contemporary and classical arts, backed by a thorough knowledge of professional practice, aesthetics and the social sciences.

During their training students are introduced to the requisites and potentials of artistic expression, and the materials and techniques of their realisation. The studio studies, the technical execution in the external professional workshops, the practical summer courses and study visits all help in the development of the student’s visual character and personality.

Head of the Institute: Prof. Márta Nyilas 

Manager of Institute: Ms. Hajnal György  

Fine Arts training:

Degree courses: First degree to MA level (no BA outcome)

•    Painting

Head of Programme:  Márta Nyilas DLA

•    Sculpture

Head of Programme:  Colin Foster prof.



Péter Somody, prof.
Csaba Nemes
Csaba Hegyi
András Ernszt
László Valkó
Zoltán Ádám



Katalin Rezsonya
Péter Lengyel
Gergely Mészáros
Tamás Gaál

Theory and Art History:

Endre Raffay
Tamás Aknai
György Várkonyi
Katalin Timár
Attila Hrubi