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Doctoral School
DLA Studies
Pécs, Hungary


The post-graduate art program at the University of Pécs provides a three-year post-graduate art training program in the fields of painting, sculpture and music.
The Doctor of Liberal Arts (DLA) training program  makes it possible to obtain a university doctorate degree in the field of fine arts and music.
The training of Doctors of Liberal Arts offers the possibility of higher education for those outstandingly talented young artists who became autonomous artists by the end of their undergraduate studies but they intend to pursue further professional research to receive DLA degree.



DLA programs


I. Fine arts


Márta Nyilas, Péter Somody, László Valkó, Csaba Hegyi, Gerendy Jenő, Nemes Csaba, András Ernszt


Ágnes Deli, Colin Foster, Sándor Rétfalvi, Tamás Gaál, Márta Nagy, György Fusz


Theoretical Tutors:
Tamás Aknai, Júlia Fabényi, Zsolt Szijártó, Katalin Timár



II. Music


Béla Bánfalvi, Béla Drahos, István Péter Farkas, 
Csaba Király, Tamás Lakner, László Vidovszky



Further information

DLA Administration
Mariann Zábrádi DLA coordinator
H-7630 Pécs Zsolnay Vilmos u. 16.

72/501-500/22876  (72) 501-500 / 22876



Please, contact with the DLA Administration.


You may overview the database of doctoral THESES and DISSERTATIONS written since 2008 here.


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