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The Faculty of Music and Visual Arts

The faculty of Music and Visual Arts is the only centre of higher education in Hungary offering training in both of these fields in the same establishment. The faculty was formed in 1996 with the amalgamation of several former art departments. With five hundred students and a teaching staff of eighty, it plays a key role in the cultural life of the region.

The University provides us with the indispensable background in the social and natural sciences, for the teaching of modern art. In our training contemporary media techniques, and music and visual-art information technology research programmes play an important role, alongside the more traditional art training. Our training, uniquely in the context of a large university, offers the highest level of art training, in our Doctor of Liberal Arts programme (DLA).

The artistic traditions, the progressive cultural life of the city and its important individual artists, coupled with the background provided by the university, ensure a sound basis for high quality art training. Our teaching artists and students are regular participants and prize winners, in regional, national and European cultural events.

Fine Arts Training

The Institute of Visual Arts was formed from the Humanities Faculty’s Drawing Department and the Master School of Fine Arts, with the aid of numerous famous artists. The aim of our training programme is to produce artists and teachers in the fields of visual communication, who exhibit an intellectual and practical readiness based in the contemporary and classical arts, backed by a thorough knowledge of professional practice, aesthetics and the social sciences.

During their training students are introduced to the requisites and potentials of artistic expression, and the materials and techniques of their realisation. The studio studies, the technical execution in the external professional workshops, the practical summer courses and study visits all help in the development of the student’s visual character and personality.

Music Training

Pécs city’s traditionally important musical life and its prestigious higher educational music institutions – the Pécs branch of the Academy of Music, and the Music Department of the Humanities Faculty – provided the backbone for the formation of the Institute of Music.

The aim of our music training is to produce artists and teachers who enjoy a rich palette of musical ability, who perform at a high level, and whose pedagogic knowledge prepares them to teach in the various fields of music education, and to conduct, play in chamber ensembles, or to perform as soloists or in orchestras and choirs, according to their specialised training.

During their training, our students encounter the theoretical background and performing practice of their chosen professional field. Students have the chance to take part in the pioneering research work of our new music studio, where alongside computer music, they can gain experience in timbre research and musical composition, in close cooperation with the staff and students of the Visual Arts Media Workshop. Lead by the teachers and artists working in the Faculty, the Institute has a symphonic orchestra, wind, string and guitar ensembles and three famous choirs, who are regular participants and prize winners at national and international music festivals and competitions.

Media and Applied Arts training

The faculty has a host of new programme in the 2010-2011 academic year:

The Fine Arts Doctoral Programme – The Master School of Fine Arts

The Master Schools Of Fine Arts’ DLA programme (Doctor of Liberal Arts, see hungarian webpage) , was the first in Hungary to offer doctoral degrees in the fine arts. It is the joint intention of the artists teaching on the programme to give young artists the chance to develop into creative individuals, through intensive studio practice, in which they have the chance to study the materials, tools, theory and methodology of professional practice at a high level. The works produced during these studies, and the final master works, are regularly exhibited in the City Art Gallery.

Degree courses of the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts

First degree to M.A. level (10 semesters)

  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Teacher-training in Visual Arts
  • Singing, teacher-training in Singing
  • Flute, teacher-training in Flute
  • Violin, teacher-training in Violin
  • Teacher-training in Music and Choral Conducting

First degree to B.A. level (8 semesters)

  • Teacher-training in Instrument and Chamber Performing
  • Teacher-training in Singing and Vocal-chamber Performing
  • Teacher-training in Music Theory - Tonic Sol-fa and Choral Conducting
  • Brass Band Conducting

Further studies

Further studies leading to an M.A degree (4 semesters)

  • Teacher-training in Visual Arts
  • Singing, teacher-training in Singing
  • Flute, teacher-training in Flute
  • Violin, teacher-training in Violin
  • Teacher-training in Music and Choral Conducting

Postgraduate professional studies

  • Art Therapy (5 semesters)

Postgraduate doctoral studies

  • Doctor of Liberal Arts (DLA) – doctoral studies in the fine arts (6 semesters)

New programs in 2010

The faculty has a host of new programme in the 2010-2011 academic year:


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