University of Pécs

Faculty of Music and Visual Arts



Honoris Causa

In accordance with the requirements stipulated in the doctoral statutes of the University of Pécs the Senate of the University confers the degree of honorary doctor upon those persons from Hungary and abroad who:

have achieved outstanding results in their respective fields for several decades,
have gained international recognition,
have maintained close links with the University of Pécs,
have rendered the university and the Hungarian sciences outstanding services,
and the recognition of whose activities, by conferring upon them the honorary doctor title, boosts the prestige of the University of Pécs.

We announce that our honorary doctors have held their inaugural addresses in compliance with Appendix 14. of the Rules of Organization and Operation of the University of Pécs at the respective faculties.



Honorary doctors of the Faculty of Arts:
2015. március 12.
John K. Grande
2007. augusztus 29.
José Carreras
2013. november 7.
Peter Weibel
2006. március 14.
Hegyi Lóránd
2007. március 14.
Horst Peter Maentele